Heat wave part two is happening in Europe. Of the fourteen potato plants, three remain. The other eleven perished in the heat as they get more afternoon sun. The other three are barely clinging to life.

I went ahead and dug up the potatoes from the plants that died. Got a hefty load, and might have to give the neighbors some!

Potatoes In A Red Bowl

Scrubbed the dirt off of them:

Potatoes Drying off

Probably the most exciting picture on the internet: a sack o’ ‘taters.

Sack o' 'Taters

The heatwave should be ending as I type this. There’s a storm rolling in, and the high wind in our valley may topple some of the corn I had planted. I’m hoping they’ll survive intact.

Created: Jul 26, 2019 16:32:11 EDT
By: Cory Slep

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