Hello 2020

On January 1st, 2019, I made a New Year’s resolution to get rid of my Facebook account. I finally made good on that promise on December 31st, just in the nick of time. I said goodbye to a useless feed that hid most of my friends’ posts from me. Ciao to video ads I didn’t care about. And, I love my family, but a select few of them have not learned how to grow up and move on from the 2016 election year. Frankly, that’s not the side of them I care to see, even if it’s who they try so hard to be. I’d rather not hear anything from them until holiday season than read the self-pleasuring political smut they post.

If you want to stay in touch, email me. Or hell, I’ll write letters if that is what it takes.

Goodbye Facebook

Deleting a Facebook account is pretty easy, but I highly recommend taking your data out first. I took out my data three times in order to capture it as many useful formats and quality levels as possible:

I recommend taking out JSON and HTML versions of non-photo non-video data. And then taking out only photo and video data, but at the highest quality setting. That way, you can ensure porting that data to another service is likely in a compatible format with as high-quality media as possible. Which may not be that high quality.


Once that was taken care of, I needed to get this blog stable. For the past half a year, this blog would consistently be crashed by the ActivityPub integration due to Mastodon’s “feature” of spamming every server possible when an account is deleted. This led to a needless buildup of data that quickly OOM’d this tiny server. The fix was a simple one though. This site used to not validate HTTP Signatures which is a big no-no! So I implemented the public key-fetching and validation. That’s all it took: Mastodon delivering this server an Activity for an account deletion means this server tries to fetch the public key for that now-deleted account. And in a result that is as surprising as the discovery of wet water, fetching a public key for a deleted account fails. So now this server tells Mastodon in that situation to properly sod off. As a side note, how the hell is such an account deletion supposed to be verified by HTTP Signatures anyway? To me, that quacks like a security problem.

RSS and Atom Feeds

Also, I had a colleague let me know that he could not find an RSS feed for my blog. I’m in the Bay Area at the moment, and had some free time on the plane ride over here. When I wasn’t watching the 2.5 hours of the severely gory, depressing, and incredible movie The Revenant, I was busy implementing the RSS and Atom feeds for this blog. Another evening of testing and validation, and this blog is now partying like it is 1999.

But seriously, I wasn’t prepared for The Revenant and watching brutal pain and suffering haunting me on a 12 hour flight. That music soundtrack is just as depressing as doom metal like Dismantling Devotion by Daylight Dies (an awesome band from Asheville, NC).

The Future

I’ve already had a bunch on my plate this year come and go, which was a big ball of stress that I can’t really talk about publicly.

Things that are on my radar that I am currently working or procrastinating on:

Each of these could be a dozen blog posts on their own, so I hope I can get into a rhythm of blogging more often. ‘Til next time.

Created: Jan 30, 2020 01:42:02 EST
By: Cory Slep

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